Thursday, December 5, 2013
posted by Kent Barnett 3:51 PM

On Project Management Offices (PMOs), simplicity should be the rule. PMOs can get complex and in order to effectively manage the process simplify it to the basics. The more complex the environment, the more likely it will implode or become unmanageable. If the PMO is developed with the correct people managing it successfully, it will be simple in efficiency.

I’ve had the misfortune to see PMO crash and burn because of complex methods placed early in the process. Simplify it to the basics, don’t over complicate the process and it will manage itself. A popular phrase in business and technology is core competency. Simply put, core competency is a distinctive area of expertise of an organization that is critical to its long term success. These are built up over time and cannot be imitated easily. The development and execution of a Project Management Office SHOULD be a core competency, it should not be thought of as a quick fix for a turnaround situation or because something is broken. My belief that a core competency can be simple in nature and should be thoughtfully introduced within business, the fundamentals of a PMO should be a measure to an organizations successful project management need, not a reaction to a problem or because someone thinks it’s something cool to do.

PMOs should simplify an organization’s management of projects not add another level of complexity.

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