We have designed services and solutions that emphasize the role of management in your project efforts. Project Playbook® is the foundation of Osmosis Consulting Group client success. This simple, yet highly effective technique is flexible and responsive; it is an economical method for managing business, technological, and logistical projects leading to successful outcomes. Foundations for Project Management Results:

  • Project Playbook® performs a detailed continuous assessment of the organization’s initiatives
  • Project Playbook® outlines the  tactical, operational, and strategic areas of the organization’s effort

What Types of Projects can be managed by Project Playbook®?

  • Technical
  • Business
  • Marketing

Project Playbook® foundation includes:

  • Monitoring – Short phase during which periodic reviews are conducted by  Osmosis Consulting Group.
  • Improve – Project performance, Change Management, and Policies and Procedures.
  • Manage – improvements to project management operations.
  • Interview – staff, customers, and clients to solicit candid feedback to understand how the organization is performing.
  • Train – Project Playbook® provides ongoing training to current and future trends in Project Management.
  • Results Driven Metrics  – Project Playbook® delivers a path of continuous improvement in all aspects of Project Management.

The Project Playbook® is focused on improving project management and project performance by optimizing your existing tools, techniques, and personnel. Project Playbook® binds all team members into a cohesive group, actively working to predict outcomes and control random factors affecting projects, ranging from technology to human behavior.

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