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You want to grow your business and questions should be answered.  Like most companies, you need a trusted partner to bring insight and objectivity to your plans.  At the same time, you demand that your partner is skilled and honest in understanding your needs and challenges.

When looking for a consulting partner whose standards are as high as yours and has proven success in organizational performance, contract Osmosis Consulting Group.  Our clients call us when they want to take their business to the next level.

We have designed services and solutions that emphasize the role of management in your project efforts. Project Playbook® is the foundation of Osmosis Consulting Group.  This simple, yet highly effective, technique is a flexible, responsive, and economical method for managing business, technological, and logistical projects in order to attain a successful project or business conclusion.

By using Project Playbook®, we can offer the following:

  • Strategic and Executive Project Management Services designed to give the people leading your business the information they need without requiring complex software solutions or expending team resources on project administration tasks.  Our Strategic Project Impact Service, Project Turnaround Service and Zero-Time Project Solution are geared toward providing executives and senior leaders of your company the targeted information they need on demand.
  • Consulting Services for the entire organization that focus on review and enhancement of your existing project management practices, including your project office.  We can also use our Project Playbook® technique as the foundation for your own project management methodology, geared to your special business needs without requiring massive new training or administrative overhead.
  • Project Management Solutions that are not software based, but service-based and designed to give you immediate relief from you project management challenges and leave you with a foundation for ongoing success.  Start with our Project Playbook® management and performance improvement approach and see how quickly your projects achieve excellent results.
  • Project Quality Services are designed to establish standards for projects.  Once our Project Audit is complete, we give you templates, processes and metrics designed to fit your business, culture and project management methods to ensure your project efforts become measurable and repeatable without the overhead of a Project Management Office.
  • Outsourcing that makes sense.  Never thought of outsourcing your project management?  It’s easy and economical.  At Osmosis Consulting Group, our outsourcing programs are built around your needs.  We bring exactly the right match for your business or industry.  Our staff of senior professionals have a diverse background in many industries including technology, insurance, healthcare, biotechnology, government and manufacturing. Whether you need a strategic project leader or project team augmentation, you can be certain that the Osmosis Consulting associate on your team will help lead your project to successful completion.

Now, more than ever, you need project management solutions that bring immediate results without sinking your budget.  We stand ready to deliver innovative methods and targeted services that let you stop worrying about project management trends and focus on making your business grow.

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